Deadbeat Films

Deadbeat Films is an award winning creative collective, founded by identical twin brothers, Jack & Boris Thompson-Roylance.

They create award winning commercials, music videos, branded content, documentaries and short films. In 2017, they set up their sister company, Deadbeat Live, specifically focusing on filming international festivals & events. Their films have emotion, feeling and identity.

The twins started off their film career, in their late teens, by filming mates Drum and Bass raves in Bristol, and being impressed that they could go to the rave for free. They then moved to London, and winged their degree because they spent all their time filming London raves and immersive events (they were being paid for it this time). 

Skipping graduation, they swiftly set up their production company, Deadbeat Films and have now become one of the countries most talked about industry disruptors. 

The team is composed of industry mavericks. Free thinkers and lone wolves. From directors, cinematographers, composers, sound designers, producers and animators.

Deadbeat isn’t a company, it’s a family.



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Featured artists

Simone BalleriniProject type

Hans-Peter MertenProject type

Alex EggermontFilm maker

Stefano OppoFilm maker

Pete MullerFilm maker

Richard SeymourFilm maker

Lorenzo AntonucciProject type

Juri PozziProject type

John CoombesProject type

Jakob HelbigProject type

Henglein and SteetsProject type

Deadbeat FilmsProject type

Daniel AtkinsProject type

Coulson and TennantProject type

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