Coulson and Tennant

Saskia Coulson & Colin Tennant are an award-winning artist partnership, developing projects through a lens-based practice, combining genres of documentary and fine art. Using visual storytelling, they create artistic, documentary and environmental work for a wide range of clients and organisations. To do this, they collaborate with many different communities and individuals and draw inspiration from historical, creative and ecological references.



Featured artists

Simone BalleriniProject type

Hans-Peter MertenProject type

Alex EggermontFilm maker

Stefano OppoFilm maker

Pete MullerFilm maker

Richard SeymourFilm maker

Lorenzo AntonucciProject type

Juri PozziProject type

John CoombesProject type

Jakob HelbigProject type

Henglein and SteetsProject type

Deadbeat FilmsProject type

Daniel AtkinsProject type

Coulson and TennantProject type

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