Alex Eggermont

My name is Alex, I’m originally from a small town in Belgium you probably never heard of. That’s where I’ve spent most of my life. The first part of my time there was focused on getting a degree in ElectroMechanical Engineering. But after graduating, I didn’t start to work quite yet. I left for Chile, shipped my motorbike over, and started riding it up North. I eventually found out that rock climbing was kinda fun. So, I kept doing that. Riding. Climbing. For 11 months.

Until I got to Canada. I worked for a year in BC, followed by two more years dirtbagging around the US, Asia, Canada, Patagonia, Europe. I started guiding climbing in Vietnam and kayaking in Greenland. I was working freelance during the rest of the time. Building websites, translating, trading pictures for cams and portaledges.

Meanwhile, I shoot the things I see. And I mean, I think I like that. I’m now guiding in Iceland few months a year, and the rest of time, I spend it trying to balance photography and numerous other projects, based here in Squamish, BC.



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