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An overview of the type of content we are looking for

Shooting for Cultura Motion

When you shoot for the Cultura Motion collection your dedicated Art Director will guide you based on researched trends and specific content needs. Please see below for a broad overview of the types of content we request.


We are looking for interpretations of business from all round the world. Business ranges from the boardroom in the large conglomerate, to the street stall vendor, from the creative start-up office, to the tailor.


A mothers outstretched hand is met by the hand of her 1 year old child, pressing together to show union. Two friends running round a park check the metrics from their health app to see how they’ve done. A group of senior men enjoy a glass of wine in the sun while they reminisce about their youth.

Life is a series of vignettes, and we are looking for clips that are completely relatable, real, and immersive, like you were there, part of it.

Science and Industry

This is a very under represented area, and we are constantly looking for new content that showcase concepts such as precision engineering, and advancements in health care. Think of panning shots across a factory producing sheet metal, close-ups of laboratory technicians using a centrifuge, or analysts pouring over computer models for creating clean coal.

Show mentoring, the transfer of skills, diversity in the work place.


Concepts can come in many guises. Show us studio set-ups, metaphors in life, emotional responses from finishing that climb, inquisitive minds shown by babies.

Natural world

A time lapse of a cocooned caterpillar turning into a butterfly, children picking wild flowers in the woods, beneath the surface shots of birds diving into the water to spear fish, the sun rising from under a misty field, the dew on the grass glistening in the early sun.

The planet is a beautiful place, let’s showcase it.


POV is an important tool in your story telling, consider how to make the most of your narrative by employing different filming methods. Drones, sweep up a waterfall to show what lies at the top, fly across a herd of sheep being shepherded to a new field. Use Go-Pro to slalom down a hill on skis, or just hang out the clothes on the washing line. Make the viewer think they are part of the action when you jump in the swimming pool. We’re looking for new and fresh experiences.

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Please read our Shoot For Us page and if you feel you meet our requirements please complete the below form. One of our Art Directors will then review your portfolio / showreel and will be in touch to discuss possible options. Please remember, becoming an Image Source contributor is a commitment and we will only accept content that complements our Cultura Motion collection.