Image Source Nuala

A Stock Footage Collection by Image Source

Image Source Nuala

Nuala is the new premium footage collection by Image Source.

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Nuala is a curated collection of wide ranging subjects and concepts, produced to the highest standard for commercial use. Once you sign with us as a contributing filmmaker, you’ll work closely with one of our Art Directors who will offer the necessary support to help you to produce saleable, industry-leading footage.

We’ve spent the last 17 years developing relationships and negotiating fair royalty rates with agencies across the world. On accepting a submission to our collection, the footage is then distributed to our network of distributors, available for licensing worldwide.

Our Philosophy

We believe that content creators deserve fair royalties for their creations. That’s why we are committed to supporting our contributors by representing their content across our network of distributors to improve visibility and royalty rates. Our Art Directors and sales teams work together to develop briefs and direction that leads to the creation of industry-leading content.

About Image Source

Image Source is a leading premium stock photography and footage agency. Founded in 1999, we’ve built our reputation as the leading independent agency in the industry and have spent this time developing our footage and stills collections. Our carefully considered processes ensure that our commercial imagery is appropriately model and property released, and conform to the highest levels of quality.

Our team of experienced Art Directors have worked across a broad spectrum of creative industries including advertising and marketing agencies. This experience, coupled with our proactive relationships with our contributors, means that we are best placed to help you shoot the most commercially-relevant content, and ensure it is widely available for licensing at the earliest opportunity.

Get Started

Do you want to shoot for Image Source?

Please read our Shoot For Us page and if you feel you meet our requirements please complete the below form. One of our Art Directors will then review your portfolio / showreel and will be in touch to discuss possible options. Please remember, becoming an Image Source contributor is a commitment and we will only accept content that complements our Cultura Motion collection.